Rombouts plants
Tuinplanten - Gartenpflanzen - Gardenplants.
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If you are wholesaler or Grower of gardenplants is this a interesting site for You.
We are selling plants on commission based wich will be payed by the grower.
All prices you find in the webshop's are included the commission.

On the stocklist you will find;
Rooted cuttings from conifers as well from shrubs.
Also on the stocklist / webshop are young plants conifers p9 as root balls from 60 cm till 600 cm.
Shrubs p9 shrubs with root balls / container are also available.
The new stocklist will be published end August 2021.
Download Stocklist PDF


For more information you can contact Dhr. Johan Rombouts.

Kind regards, Johan Rombouts.

Rombouts plants.

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